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Current Version: 0.2.4VC28


Turret Shop Changes Turret UI Changes General UI Changes Sound Changes/Additions




Game Balance
Turret Sell cost is now equal to the previous upgrade's base cost.
Interface Changes
Added a button at the top middle of the screen that allows switching between X1 and X2 game speed (Normal & Fast Forward).
Added the ability to upgrade a tower multiple times in a row (without having to reclick on the tower).
Turret cost and balance is now calculated on the fly, which means you no longer need to reclick the tower if you were lacking currency but now have enough for an upgrade.
Added visual numbers to each of the nodes to indicate the allowed placement of each turret location.
The Wave Countdown Timer will now display "Wave # Ongoing" when it reaches 00:00 and there are still enemies alive, where # is the wave number.


First official public release!
Game Balance

Gold Worth210100
Crystal Worth5
Cost25 * (A)n50 * (A)n100 * (A)n
Damage10 + (5 * (A)n)20 + (5 * (A)n)5..25 (DOT)
Max Level (n)101010

Main Menu Changes
The new background color is solid blue.
Added a new button that leads to the changelog page (This Page).
Moved [Quit] to last in order.
Changed the looks of the [Patreon] and [GitHub Sponsors] buttons to align with their guidelines.
Other Changes
Changed the look of some in-game icons.

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